Importance and Types of Pre Hire Aptitude Tests

Aptitude tests are a popular way of testing a candidate’s ability and potential and confirm as to how he or she fits in the company. Many organizations,nowadays, have resorted to pre-employment or pre- hiring. Pre-employment hiring transcends are used to screen test and examine applicants on the basis of different tests like cognitive abilities , work skills , aptitude , knowledge skills , emotional and logical reasoning abilities and even commitment and integrity. Organizations use aptitude test management assignment to analyse in detail the actual competency of the candidates and test their success rate in the designated position and also test the candidates who are likely to be incompetent.

In this post, we shall explore the different kinds of tests that maybe used as pre-hiring aptitude tests. But before we delve into the different kinds of pre-employment tests it is important to know why these tests are so important and what makes them so popular.

Importance of Pre hiring tests

In the increasing rate of competition in today’s world, the rat race of the millions can often be tedious of different companies. Aptitude tests before hiring help companies save a humungous amount of money and effort that may later go to waste, in the case they fail to choose the perfect candidate required for the job. These tests confirm the existence of the basic skills required by the company and find the right candidate suitable for the designated post.

Types of pre-hiring tests

Now we shall delve into the different types of pre-hiring tests that organizations resort to while making their choices.

  • Job Knowledge Tests – A job knowledge tests is the most common of all the aptitude tests. Like any other basic examination, tests of these kinds are based on theories and concepts that the job revolves around. For example, an HR candidate might be asked basic HR theories and questions while a candidate for the accounts department maybe asked basic accounting principles. The purpose of these tests is to check whether the candidate does have the high level of knowledge and expertise that the job requires.
  • Cognitive Ability Tests– Cognitive ability tests are conducted to test the candidate’s mental strength and intellect as per the job field requirement. The tests are known to analyse a candidate’s actual ability by testing their present capability to be fit for the job rather than relying on examinations and degrees achieved years ago. Cognitive ability tests are known to predict the ability and skills of a candidate a lot better than just basic theoretical examinations.
  • Physical Ability Tests– True to their names, physical ability tests are taken to predict the strength and stamina of the candidate based on their physical health. These tests though are often undermined, these tests are very important to assess the physical strength of the candidate before he joins the organization. This saves the organization to understand the working stamina of the candidates and help reduce workplace accidents. Also, these tests stand a credit for the mere fact that no candidate would be able to fake results as easily as in other tests.

Thus, the pre hire management trainee aptitude test is a useful way for the organizations to search and select candidates with minimum resources.