Best Strategy to clear IIT JEE

Indian Institute of Technology (IITs) is one of the most prestigious institutes in India and therefore to enroll there too is not an easy task. It takes a whole lot of dedication and sheer hard work to even stand a chance.

Besides hard work and dedication, a lot of practice to is required to crack one of the most difficult entrance exams in the country. Jee sample paper 2016 and of 2017 should be solved before appearing for the 2018 Mains exams which will be conducted as per revised format.

Below are mentioned some of the best strategies to apply for cracking IIT-JEE:

  1. Study in Advance: As soon as the SSC results are out and you have made up your mind to have a go at the JEE then without wasting any time you should start your preparation. Before a chapter is studied in the class, you should study it yourself in advance as this will help you clear your doubts.

  1. Develop an interest: Many students don’t realize that JEE is actually not tough all that they need to do is to develop an interest in Maths, Physics, and Chemistry.

  1. Must Self Study: In addition to coaching classes and school you should take time out for self-preparation and since everything is available online download JEE main sample paper free download and try to solve the previous year’s question papers.

  1. Build a time table: Try to challenge yourself by building a strict time table for yourself and try to push yourself to the limit. Studying concepts randomly will not help as much as systematic study helps, therefore, make one-time table and follow it like anything.

  1. Timely Break: Continuous study can make your mind and body exhausted. and therefore it’s important to take timely breaks between the studies and in those breaks try to play some sport as it helps you keep rejuvenated and fit.

  1. Stay Away from Social Media: Fiddling with mobile phones and constantly checking whatsapp and Facebook can be a lotof distraction, and therefore it’s very important to stay away from all these distractions.

  1. Motivation: Try to make somebody as your mentor who can keep you motivated for these two years because there will be times when you will feel like giving up, and there you need this mentor you can make you get up and motivates you to do it again. This can be anybody your mother, father, friend or siblings but make sure you have one.

  1. Study subjects on the basis of their priority: Figure out which subject requires special attention and try to get rid of the difficult subject first by seeking help from your teachers and friends.

This article is purely intended to help students know that studying for months and years is not enough to crack the JEE exams. You should be smart enough to strategies your plans and execute them well to get through the joint entrance exams. Above all one should make sure that this is his field of interest and that is why he is in it. Don’t take up IITs studies just because your parents or family wishes you to be an engineer.