Manage Panic Attacks & Worry With Meditation

Human beings by nature have a tendency to worry over trivial things that affect their lives. This is because since the dawn of civilization, anxiety would act as a natural defense mechanism to enable the earliest men to be on the lookout for danger. It would keep them safe from vicious wild animals that would prey on them whenever they got the opportunity. However, in the digital age, when you have a mind, which is hypervigilant, it can do you more harm than good. The reason for this is because the amygdala, which is your brain’s fear center, become larger. Due to this, you become a victim of stress.

마음수련 사이비  training experts explain that you tend to spend most of your time in thinking as most people do in today’s fast-paced life. You scrutinize, plan, establish goals you intend to achieve in your workplace, make comparisons and judgements on your experiences. In fact, you are constantly oscillating between events that have already taken place in the past and anticipating future occurrences. In the process, you are missing out on living your life in the present moment. Due to this, you are not concentrating your attention on what you are doing here and now.

They go on to say that there are three simple mindfulness training techniques you can use to break the vicious cycle of anxiety, panic attacks, worry and stress:

  • Anchoring

The ideal way to calm your body and mind in a stressful situation is to direct your attention to the lower part of your body. You should start by concentrating on your feet and sensations you feel inside your shoes. Slowly expand your consciousness to include the perceptions in your legs. Mindfulness experts refer to this as anchoring. It is possible for you to apply this technique anytime while you are walking or sitting.

  • Breath counting

You can use this technique along with anchoring or do this separately. You first inhale and count up to six as you breathe in air through your lungs. Then you exhale slowly by counting up to ten. This helps you to take in more oxygen from the atmosphere and release the same quantity of carbon dioxide. Due to this, you witness a decrease in your heart-rate as you are able to calm down. This goes a long way in helping you to restore your emotional equilibrium.

  • Finger Breathing

This is an alternative version of breath counting. In this technique, you hold out the palm of your hand in front of you. With the help of the index figure of your other hand follow the outside edge of your thumb as you breathe in and then stopat the top. Then breathe out as you finger comes down. This is one complete breath. Similarly, carry out the same process for the rest of the fingers.

마음수련 사이비  training experts say that above techniques are not only useful for dealing with and eradicating stressful situations. It is possible for you to use them in your daily life just as effectively. You also notice a positive change in your life when your practice them on a regular basis.